Riverside Gardens All Abilities Paddle Launch Facility

This all-abilities launch platform on the Riverside Gardens Foreshore in Greenfields was officially opened by David Templeman MLA on 9th February 2024. It’s one of the first of its kind in Western Australia, and is part of the City of Mandurah’s Peel-Harvey Estuary Trails project. 

The accessible platform features two custom slipways and special seating, facilitating safe river access for all-abilities paddlers and seamless transitions from wheelchairs to canoes.

MEHG co-founder Barry Small has been advocating with various groups for all-abilities canoe launch facilities for 15 years. He was at the launch and said, “This community facility is a great example of the combined efforts of  both volunteers and paid professionals, and exceeds the expectations of our original concepts”.  

MEHG Chairperson Barbara Sing praised Barry and said, “This is such a wonderful asset for the community and it’s lovely to see Barry Small get the accolades he deserves. His perseverance over many years has come to fruition, along with the poor tree that decided to fall down that made it happen in this perfect spot!”

The Riverside Gardens All Abilities Paddle Launch facility offers an accessible option for people with a mobility disability to enjoy the Serpentine River in a canoe or kayak. The facility provides a large floating platform with contrasting colours, kick plates, grab rails and ramp access. There is a specially designed stepped seating option for people to transition from a seated position into a watercraft whilst using the grab handles for support. Two custom slipways ensure a safe entry and exit into the Serpentine River for all paddlers.

Located at Riverside Gardens on Redcliffe Road in Greenfields, it has two ACROD bays, an accessible toilet, connected pathways, shaded seating and a wheelchair-accessible BBQ, making it an inclusive and enjoyable spot by the water.

Watch the video about how to use the All Abilities Paddle Launch. Find out more.

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Photos courtesy of Lisa Wray Creative Arts

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