Coopers Mill 1924 Courtesy of R&L Pekin

 How two of our group’s projects reflect our heritage values:

The Friends of Samphire Cove Nature Reserve seek to complement the existing significant trees by restoring the reserve with local native flora. Another feature of this reserve is the number of old wooden fence posts which formed part of the southern boundary of the Sutton family‘s extensive Halls Head property, where they grazed beef and dairy cattle.


The Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah and Pinjarra are well known for advocating for paddling infrastructure and also for providing free canoe guides. Some of these publications also feature Natural History, Human History and Heritage Sites.


Mandjoogoordap is the Nyoongar name for Mandurah meaning Meeting Place of the Heart

In addition to conserving our local environment, we also support the protection and promotion of our local heritage. This includes:

Indigenous Heritage
Respecting Aboriginal places and objects that are of significance to indigenous communities and which provide links to culture, environment and knowledge.

European Heritage
Valuing and preserving character buildings and rare structures that have cultural heritage significance, are aesthetically pleasing or have scientific value.

Heritage Trees
Many historic buildings, streetscapes and landscapes owe much of their character and charm to trees which can be significant for a number of reasons, including scientific, social, historic or aesthetic.

Thank you to our friends and partners for providing the following resources:

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