Act Belong Commit

MEHG became a member of Act Belong Commit in January 2024.

We know that spending time in nature is good for us for lots of reasons. Fresh air and exercise have long been recommended as a way to feel better, physically and mentally.

Now evidence shows that the quality of our relationship with nature is part of the reason for its positive impact on our wellbeing.

Ways we help people to be active, connect with others and do meaningful things

👉 What could be more meaningful than caring for, protecting and enjoying our local environment?

👉 We hold regular activities such as tree planting, watering, weeding, paddling down the river, collecting rubbish, monitoring wildlife, and much more.

👉 We also participate at events held by others: manning stalls, providing kids’ activities, handing out brochures and chaperoning our popular mascot Dudley Dolphin!

👉 No special skills needed, although if you’re good at something – like taking photos – or want to learn something new, we will try our best to accommodate you.

Act: Stay alert and engaged by staying mentally, socially, spiritually and physically active. Do something.

Belong: Develop a strong sense of identity and belonging by joining groups, participating in community activities and inviting others to do so. Do something with someone.

Commit: Do things that provide meaning and purpose in life, such as taking up challenges and supporting causes. Do something meaningful.

Find the right activity for you:

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