Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah and Pinjarra

We are a group of paddlers that have come together to form a paddlers alliance.


  • Advocates for the awareness and protection of our marine wildlife, for the development of canoe launch sites and all-abilities canoe access;
  • Event providers for the annual Clean Up Australia Month in March;
  • Authors of several canoe guides and other publications;
  • Stakeholders regarding environmental impacts on our waterways.
  • Read our support for a beach-style non-powered canoe/kayak launch site with space for multiple launching, and also an all-abilities canoe/kayak launch site for South East Dawesville.
  • Following requests to the City of Mandurah, the following ACROD  Disability Parking Bays have been installed: one at Osprey Waters and two at Riverside Gardens Foreshore Reserve – primarily to assist users of the All Abilities Paddling Facility. The one for Samphire Cove Nature Reserve is under construction and is expected to be completed soon.

All Terrain Wheelchair for Paddlers

Thanks to the City of Mandurah and Barry Small the all-terrain wheelchair is available for loan free of charge from Mandurah Ocean Marina Chalets. 
Find out more.
The all-terrain wheelchair is able to be used on the beach (with balloon tyres) and also on rough land surfaces (with bicycle tyres).
Please inform the staff at the Chalets of your intended use so that they can provide you with the necessary equipment.
The all-terrain wheelchair was designed by people with restricted mobility for people with restricted mobility and can be used by people of all ages and degrees of mobility.
The wheelchair can be set up with tires for use on different types of terrain – from concrete to rough land surfaces – allowing users to participate in most outdoor activities.
The user can push the chair independently when these wheels are fixed.
The all-terrain wheelchair weighs just 17kg and is fully collapsible, making it easily transportable in most vehicles (Dimensions 140 x 55 x 55 cm).
The maximum weight limit for the chair is 130kg


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