National Volunteer Week · Appreciation & Awards Ceremony

NEW: Thank you to everyone named below for making this event such a success. MEHG is also very grateful to Danny Willmott, Mel Horton, Joanne Sinker and Giulia Holland for all their help.
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If you’re a volunteer working in the environmental sector in the Mandurah area, or you do your bit for our local environment in other ways, you are warmly invited to this prestigious event at Mandurah Country Club on Sunday 21st May 2023 from 3.00pm – 5.00pm to recognise and celebrate Mandurah’s amazing environmental volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

· Food, tea & coffee provided. Cash & card bar.
· Limited numbers. Book your free ticket at
· Please share:
· Local environmental groups are invited to display their brochures and banners, and provide up to 3 slides for the PowerPoint presentation as follows:

  1. A couple of sentences about your group with logo. (Font size 40.)
  2. Message(s) you wish to convey. Can be achievements, goals, news, vacancies, forthcoming event, etc.
  3. Wording for a Certificate of Recognition for one nominated volunteer from your group (optional). Name of nominee and reason for nominating.

👉 Lisa Munday MLA Member for Dawesville has agreed to be our MC.
👉 MEHG’s Ambassador Professor Lyn Beazley and Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams have agreed to give an address.
👉 George Walley will perform Welcome to Country.
👉 Several elected members will be in attendance.
👉 Sharon Meredith Photography will be taking photos.
👉 We have a mouthwatering menu to look forward to. Plus desserts!

Organised by MEHG, Coastal Waste Warriors, Bouvard Coastcare Group, Peel Multicultural Association & Seascapes Community Association. This event is made possible by Volunteering WA and funded by Lotterywest and City of Mandurah.

7 thoughts on “National Volunteer Week · Appreciation & Awards Ceremony”

  1. As a Newby to this area of volunteering I enjoyed the appreciation awards, the volunteers and organisers demonstrated a great sense of thriving for a common goal.

  2. I really enjoyed the presentation. Great speakers to listen to with lots of slides, making it easy to see what is happening around our City. It was interesting to talk to other people from other volunteer groups in Mandurah area too.
    The food was lovely and catered for all of our special needs, thank you for that.
    Well put together making an enjoyable afternoon.

    Thanks to the organisers Linda, Danny, Mel and Joanne. Well done.

  3. Was very impressed with the wide variety of volunteer crews , esp those engaging the youth , our next generation of ‘vollies’
    Lisa was ‘the bomb’.
    All the speakers rocked , George is the MAN , always has been .
    Rhys ‘showed off’ with his brilliant handling of the Aboriginal language , very impressive !
    Great event , congrats to all .

  4. Terrific event which highlighted the amazing diversity of volunteering organisations present in Mandurah.

  5. The speakers were interesting and there was a great vibe of passion from all who attended. The food was extremely yummy and perfect portion sizes. Everything went very smoothly, a credit to to the organising committee.

  6. Daniel Willmott

    Mandurah is an amazing environmental hotspot with a rich First Peoples history and presence! Environmental volunteers play a crucial role in preserving and protecting our environment in a wide range of areas, from animal care, dune rehabilitation and litter cleanups to community gardens and being activists for environmental causes. Volunteers do not spend their time doing this to receive recognition, but Sundays National Volunteer Week event was a wonderful way to celebrate each individual volunteer and the groups they are part of. Well done Mandurah vollies!!

  7. Wonderful event. We are so lucky nature wants to be part of our neighbourhood and the wonderful groups of volunteers who are so giving of knowledge and time here in Mandurah and surrounds

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