Discovery Day at Samphire Cove Nature Reserve

Discover this hidden waterside cove at our free family-friendly all-abilities event on Sunday 28th November 10am-1pm featuring Dudley Dolphin! All the activities at this A Class Nature Reserve in Halls Head are FREE: Guided Walks · Nature Trail · Paver Art · Kids Photography Activity · All-terrain wheelchair use · Plein Air Artists · Free Dudley Dolphin Adventure Journals for Kids · Free Water & Shorebird Guides.
*Advance bookings are needed for the wheelchairs and the kids photography*
Hosted by the Friends of Samphire Cove and the Mandurah Environment & Heritage Group Inc.
Supported by the City of Mandurah, Neighbourhood Connect and Parks & Wildlife.
Email for details or visit
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Thank you to everyone who participated, especially organiser Barry Small, flora guide Clive Petrie, bird guides Astrid Gwynne and Robyn Devenish, People & Wetlands Officer Charlie Jones, photographer Sharon Meredith, the Mandurah Plein Air Artists and all the Friends of Samphire Cove. Please click on the photos to enlarge:

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