A Tribute to Barry Small

Environmental pioneer Barry Small has retired from the Mandurah Environment & Heritage Group Committee after many years of passionate service. Barry co-founded MEHG in 2012 and brought several environmental groups together under one umbrella to bring people together and to strengthen local partnerships, including the Friends of Samphire Cove, Friends of the Rivers (Peel) and the Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah & Pinjarra.

During his chairmanship he masterminded several new projects including Eyes on the Water (Peel), the Mandurah Tree Advocates, and MEHG’s popular environmental mascot Dudley Dolphin.

Barry also expanded the Annual Clean Up month of March to include all areas of the Peel region; not just the waterways.

In 2019 Barry was nominated by the City of Mandurah for a Local Legend award, but his modesty did not allow him to accept the nomination. Undeterred, his friends and colleagues proceeded to write their tributes to him which you can read here.

There is no doubt in our minds that Barry is a legend, and his legacy will continue.

1 thought on “A Tribute to Barry Small”

  1. Donald (Don) Pember

    An amazing advocate for the environment and a passionate canoe supporter
    The new all ability canoe launcher ramp can be attributed to Barry
    I am so pleased that I met this bloke on a few occasions, he has opened my eyes to his amazing vision and in a meaningful way

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