Save Our Estuary

Our beautiful Peel-Harvey Estuary is a very special place. It is the lifeblood of the Mandurah and Murray communities. It’s also the reason that people live in and visit this fabulous area.
Unfortunately the estuary is under serious threat from a planned development that could carve a 2.5km channel from the Dawesville Cut to a proposed marina at Point Grey.
If this were to go ahead, the health of the estuary would be threatened, wildlife would suffer, commercial and recreational fishing would be compromised, and tourism would go into decline.

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1 thought on “Save Our Estuary”

  1. I remember what the estuary was like before the cut was built and I remember the difference that the cut made. Slowly, over the years, as development around the estuary has progressed, water quality has once again decreased. There is nowhere to build another cut. We cannot afford to allow this Point Grey development to go ahead.

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