(Re)Connect with Nature and Learn Something New

Thanks to the Restart Mandurah Community Grants Program, we are currently planning a one-year program to introduce a range of free educational, inspirational and accessible workshops and activities to people of all ages and abilities, to introduce them to local groups, to showcase our natural assets in and around Mandurah and to improve physical and mental health.

We will be launching this activity program and providing everyone with a calendar of events at the 2021 WA Wetland Management Conference at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on 1st February.*

We are still looking for partners to help us deliver these activities.
Our activity program is entitled (RE)CONNECT WITH NATURE AND LEARN SOMETHING NEW. If you, or someone you know, is willing to deliver a walk or a talk, or tasters or workshops which fit in with MEHG’s objectives and those of Restart Mandurah then please contact us. Our preference is for outdoor activities where possible. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. Here are some examples of subjects that we have thought of so far:

Invitation to Participate

Please email info@mehg.org.au with your proposal:

Your Name:
Email address:
Phone Number:

Details of the activity or activities that you can provide:
What, why, when, where, how, duration, how many sessions, how many participants and for whom?
Can you or your group provide this at no cost or low cost? Please give details.
Can you or your group provide insurance? Please give details.
Can you still carry out your activity in some way if COVID-19 restrictions are tightened? Please give details.
What will participants gain from your activity? If it improves mental health, inclusion and connectivity, please include these.
*The Wetlands Conference wasn’t able to take place because of the lockdown, but here is MEHG’s Project Officer Merrilee Baker’s two-minute soapbox talk about the wetlands that she would have delivered at the Dandjoo Gabi Wonga Sundowner.

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