Attention All Paddlers – UPDATE

The Department of Communities is taking action to prevent the spread of the water hyacinth infestation in the Sepentine River, Keralup. Water hyacinch is a declared pest in WA and has become one of the most invasive weeds within our Peel-Harvey waterways.

The containment of this pest is best served by the strategic placement of weed booms on the Serpentine River which means that river access is restricted throughout Keralup to all members of the public.

This means that paddling downstream from Karnup Road at Baldivis or similar locations is prohibited and, to minimise risk of spreading the water hyacinth, paddlers travelling upstream should not enter Guanarnup Pool.

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UPDATE May 2021 – Please click here for latest update

UPDATE JUNE 2020 – Please click here

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2019 – Current status of the Water Hyacinth and temporary boom locations Courtesy of Peel-Harvey Catchment Council (PHCC)
There is signage at each boom now. This will help inform community and share the importance of what we are trying to achieve.
Two temporary booms are in place at the moment, Landcare SJ are waiting on final approval by Department of Communities to install a third temporary boom at the top of Guanarnup Pool in early December.
Other temporary booms won’t be installed until there is signs of the Water Hyacinth growing again.
The sites are being monitored on a monthly basis and a spraying cycle is likely in December/January when the water hyacinth starts actively growing. View the map showing locations of the booms.
The Guanarnup Pool boom is being placed in an accessible location, which will make retrieving outbreaks easier.
PHCC is lining up crews to come and help once they get an idea of Water Hyacinth breakouts.

If you see water hyacinth, report it immediately to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s Pest and Disease Information Service on (08) 9368 3080 or by using the MyWeedWatcher App on your smart phone or tablet.

Find out more courtesy of Landcare SJ.


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