Voicing our Concerns about Sustainability

In the lead-up to Plastic Free July we passed on our suggestions about how sustainability could be improved in the City of Mandurah:

“Whilst applauding Mandurah Recreation Centres for substituting plastic straws with paper straws and introducing other sustainable measures at their venues, we note that the City of Mandurah has not implemented this throughout the City. Also, whilst noting that the City’s purchasing policies state that sustainability needs to be balanced with cost, it appears that more could be done to source cost-effective sustainable products.
What action will the City take, and when, to ensure that – where sustainable products are available and affordable – they are actively being sourced and purchased?”

We are pleased to announce that on 24th July 2018, Council agreed to:
1. Develop and implement a plan to phase out the use of single-use plastics within all business units and activities of the City of Mandurah within twelve months;
2. Engage local businesses in an opt-in campaign to reduce use of single-use plastics across Mandurah.

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