Results of Survey suggesting WA Trees for City of Mandurah Verges

In July 2018 the Mandurah Tree Advocates presented to the City their recommended list entitled Western Australian Trees, Shrubs and Companion Plantings for the District of City of Mandurah.

In support of this list, we conducted a survey to gauge community support for Western Australian Trees, or their hybrids, as verge trees in the City. The survey was available for parents to look at whilst their families were engaging in MEHG activities at MyPark Grooves and other City-coordinated community and environmental events.

The survey asked: Would you like to see Western Australian trees or hybrids thereof as verge trees in the City of Mandurah? A whopping 352 respondents answered YES, with only a handful declining to participate in the survey. The full survey results were presented to the City of Mandurah in January 2019

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2019: We are delighted that the City has announced that Mandurah is in the midst of significant “urban greening”. The Mandurah Mail reports that an upcoming local government report has placed putting the city on an environmental front foot as a priority ahead of the region’s anticipated population boom. Read more here.


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