MEHG offers two types of membership, individual for $10 per annum, and family for $20 per annum. The fee is due on 1st July each year.
Membership gives you the right to attend committee meetings and be involved in planning and implementing projects (both categories of membership provides one voting right).
Being a member also means you are automatically covered by our insurance when attending or undertaking a MEHG organised activity.

Download a Membership Form
To read the rules of our association please view our constitution.

Question:  Didn’t membership used to be free?
Answer:  MEHG was able to offer free membership until June 2023. But now that the Work Health & Safety legislation recommends that associations organise personal accident and public liability insurance on behalf of their volunteers, the members voted at the last Annual General Meeting to introduce membership fees to enable the association to afford insurance and expand.
The good news is that now we are all insured, we can relaunch two of our projects: Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah and Pinjarra and Friends of Rivers, Peel.

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