MEHG in support of Greening Mandurah with Native Trees

We have made the following deputation to the City of Mandurah in support of its plans:

  • We recognise that a great deal of effort has gone into the Greening Mandurah Framework, the Street Tree Master Plan and the Tree Management Policy Review;
  • We applaud the City of Mandurah for recognising the need to increase the tree canopy with native trees.
  • We are aware of the public backlash about Norfolk Pine roots which emphasises the need to plant the right trees in the right place. Verges may not be suitable. We hope that the recent negative publicity doesn’t detract from the over-arching plan which is to be commended.
  • The written public feedback that the City (and we) have received about choosing a tree for one’s verge highlights the need to allow ratepayers more choices and include habitat for small birds such as wrens, finches and honey eaters.
  • With the choices needs to be a description of the size of the mature tree, what flowers/nuts it drops and when.
  • We suggest that the City of Mandurah publicises its tree verge scheme more widely and makes the applications available all year round.

MEHG Project Officer Merrilee Baker presented our deputation at the council meeting on 24 November at which the motions were carried. Find out more courtesy of the Mandurah Mail. 

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