Get involved in Mandurah’s biggest Estuary clean-up this weekend!

You and your friends are invited to take part in Mandurah’s biggest clean-up event this weekend, Reel It In.
Held on Saturday 19 October the event will focus on cleaning up the Mandurah Estuary in memory of Luca the dolphin calf who died in August after becoming entangled in fishing line for the third time this year.

The weather forecast is looking really good for this Reel It In event hosted on Tangaroa Blue’s national beach clean up event day.
It will be based from two local sites – the Port Bouvard Yacht Club and the Mariners Cove boat ramp.

Small groups of volunteers will target beaches and foreshore areas, while scuba divers will focus on problem jetties and platforms where fishing line accumulates in the water.

Find out how to register, and more, courtesy of the Mandurah Mail.

PHOTO:  View from the Len Howard Conservation Park Nature Trail courtesy of the 

READ:  It took the death of dolphin Luca for Mandurah to rally together to clean its waterways of rubbish courtesy of the ABC.

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