Dealing with Eco Anxiety

Faced with the impacts of climate change we can experience anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, frustration and even anger. This is known as ‘eco-anxiety’ and can be difficult to know how to manage, especially when sometimes it can make us question if we are making a difference.

It’s important to know that we absolutely are!

By working together we are creating positive change – both for our communities and our environment – and we should be immensely proud of our achievements.
You can make a difference just by signing a petition. The Urban Bushcare Council has some in their latest newsletter.

If you’re experiencing eco-anxiety, you’re not alone. Make sure you reach out to people in your community to talk about what you’re experiencing, and seek professional support if you need it.There are also a range of resources available, including these ones from headspace and Lonely Conservationists which can help you understand what you’re experiencing and give you suggestions on how to cope.

Learn how to Keep your cool in a warming world: 8 steps to help manage eco-anxiety.
Check out the Mental Health & Wellbeing Guide for Mandurah.

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This article was written during WA Mental Heath Week 2023

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